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Welcome and thanks for visiting! I'm a Cincinnati based artist obsessed with all things design. Dedicating countless hours to researching, sketching and creating is my way of life. I am a creative problem solver who believes in simplicity, functionality and tapping into emotion. I owe a great deal of my skills and experiences to taking risks and embracing challenge. I aspire to inspire, pursue constant growth, and to never stop being curious. 

It’s an exciting time to be a creative! — With the breadth of tools, technologies and social platform at our disposal, it’s easy to share our work and our voice. The ability of a piece of art to spontaneously evoke emotion in people across cultures is one of the most powerful influencers known to man. My contributions to design and my personal endeavors to create engaging experiences speak to that influence. THIS. This is why I do what I do.

When I’m not creating, you can usually find me hangin’ with my favorites and laughing hysterically at something one of my babies did or said. Otherwise, I am most likely indulging in fashion, music or design blogs while keeping caffieinated, eating mexican, gazing up at the sunset, or… scrolling down some rabbit hole on the internet 😁.

This is my serious business face.